The Inspiring Schools Partnership is a charitable company, limited by guarantee with the core purpose of maintaining and developing academy schools to provide education for the public benefit. The formal governance arrangements for the Trust are set out in its Articles of Association.

The Trust’s governance arrangements and the roles of and delegation to its various elements are described in the Scheme of Delegation.

The highest level of governance of the Trust is its Members. The Members established the Trust and take the place of shareholders would have in a commercial company; they act as the ‘guardians’ of the Trust and have an overview of its governance arrangements. The Members appoint Trustees and delegate their powers and duties for the direction and oversight of the Trust to the Board of Trustees.

Strong governance is key to the success of our schools, to provide strategic leadership, oversight of financial and academic performance and to challenge and support the headteacher and senior leadership team.

Each school in the Trust is led by its own leadership team and local governing body, who have the backing of the Trust to help them achieve their objectives for their school.